While we inscribe ourselves within the tradition of Wilhelm Reich’s work, our discussion about the „unsolved“ cases and continuous research, brought us to quite different conclusions than most of the other body psychotherapies :
We strongly refer to W. Reich’s concept of the functional identity of psyche and soma, which in practical terms means, you can work from a psychological, verbal or a somatic, physical approach.

My Practice

My Practice

The verbal approach is not limiting itself to the mere intellectual understanding or discussion of a „problem“, but creates consciousness of the functioning of the structure. Centering, within a broader field of consciousness, perception and subjective experience, which is present-moment oriented, will be the base for a dynamic evolution within the therapeutic process.

The physical technique includes but does not work on the neuro-muscular level ( as W.Reich talked about the „muscular“ armor...), instead It works with the connective tissue and its extraordinary capacities of reorganization within its elasticity and plasticity and its inherent responsiveness to change, transformation and self healing.

Both approaches maybe used apart or simultaneously, - important is the reference towards deep states of centering and the pulsatory process of functioning.
Once we claim to work in dynamic processes, there needs to be something or some "force at work“ ( greek translation of dynamos = force at work). We believe in a vitality or a life-force, even if these idea’s are concepts, not scientifically proven, they are rather fine concepts and more and more of todays research allows us to at least promote them. 

… and in life and nature we may experience this!

In my practice and my work with patients the perception and consciousness of themselves physically as well as psychologically is essential and determines the understanding of the psychosomatic process as well as the healing itself.