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Mas de La Capelle
2873 Route de St Côme
30420 Calvisson - Sinsans

Travel Information


Come off the peage (Autobahn/Autostrada) at Nîmes West (Ouest), and follow the sign for Sommieres until the second red light. At this, there is a trafic circle. Follow the signs again for Sommieres. (You have to go around the traffic circle to the left. It is as if you were making a left turn, but of course you have to around the circle some.) You are now (hopefully) on Route D-40. Follow that to Calvisson.

Take the first Calvisson exit and come into the plaza area of Calvisson. As you come into town on the right on the corner by the Post there is a sign to St.Côme. Turn right at the Post and take that road out of the village for 3 kms. We live in the big, old stone farm house on the left. It is on the corner of a small road that leads to Sinsans. It is the only house on the left once you have left Calvisson. There is a blue sign out front of the house - Mas de La Capelle.

If you travel by train, come to Nîmes. Come out of the “back” of the train station onto the esplanade and walk a few meters to the right. There it is possible for us to pick you up. Also, directly behind the train station is the bus station. It is possible during certain times of day to take a bus directly to Calvisson (Direction: Sommieries) or directly to in front of our house (Direction: Sommieries)

If you come out of the station and see cars and buses passing by, you have come out the “front”. Please go through the station to the other side with the espalande.
Please contact us in advance to let us know of your arrival and departure times especially if we need to pick you up.

It is possible to fly to Marseille or to Montpellier. If you fly to Marseille you can take a bus to the train station and then the train to Nîmes. See above for further directions from the station. You can also rent a car and follow the directions below to drive to our house. If you fly to Montpellier it might be possible to pick you up at the airport. Or you can rent and follow the directions below for driving to the Mas de la Capelle. DIRECTIONS FROM MARSEILLE AIRPORT TO CALVISSON One and a half to two hours driving. Follow signs for “Toutes Directions”

Then follow signs for Salon (There may be a picture of the Autoroute – in blue)
Then look for signs for A-7 direction Lyon. (BLUE SIGNS FOR THE PEAGE.)
Then follow signs for Lyon and Avignon
Then towards Barcelone – You then will start seeing signs for Nîmes; Follow these.
Take the Nîmes Ouest exit. Here, there is a sign for Sommieres.
Follow signs for Sommieres and you will come to Calvisson.
Take the first exit and continue into the village.
At the Post you go right – direction St. Côme.

After two kms there is a sign for Sinsans to the left. Do not turn there. Directly after the this road, on the left, is the Mas de la Capelle.


45 Minutes to one hour driving time. - Exit the airport and follow the blue signs to the “Peage” direction Nîmes. Enter the “Peage” direction Nîmes and exit at “Gallargues”.
After paying follow the signs to Nîmes at the traffic circle. Now you will be on local road “RN 113” Continue on this (5 kms?) until you see a sign for Calvisson indicating you turn to the left.

Follow that road to the second traffic circle and there go to the right. Very soon there is a turn to the left that takes you into the village of Calvisson. Continue into the village and then stay on the same road out of the village. (You may notice the Post Office on the left in the village with a sign on the side that says St. Côme)
Continue on this road for another three kms and you will see a big old farm house on the left side with a blue sign outside that says “Mas de la Capelle”