Gloria Quattrini | 18th International Congress of EABP, Sofia 2023

Gloria Quattrini | 18th International Congress of EABP, Sofia 2023

Functional Analysis is a method of self-regeneration, a body psychotherapy approach that arises from Davis's studies on life energy. It places the concept of pulsation as central.

Pulsation, in Reich's meaning, is a life movement (Reich, 2010) (expansion-gathering) and the very vitality of the organism is to be placed in relation to the balance of the pulsation (Reich, 2016); therefore, by working on deep energy processes, Functional Analysis restores the body's natural movement. Thanks to the principle of functional identity (Cavaleri, 2013; see also Carbonari, 2007; Helferich, 2008), verbal and body work ("Points and Positions") move in the same direction activating the instroke process.
In this phase of gathering, processes of self-regeneration and self-repair take place. The therapist-patient verbal relation provides us with precious information about the instroke process and if it has been mobilized. Specific communication techniques not only facilitate it, but reveal at what level it has been activated (Davis, 2015).
The therapeutic and the instroke process are identical and the same pulsatory movement can be found within each single session.
The verbal techniques proposed by Davis are examined within the instroke process, placing particular light on the principle of functional identity, which permeates Functional Analysis.

The content of the workshop is supported by an animated video in 3D that showcases the functional identity through images

Date: September 9, 2023

Venue: University of Sofia

Room number 277

From 17.00 to 18.30 pm