Introduction to Functional Analysis - Mas de la Capelle | France

Introduction to Functional Analysis - Mas de la Capelle | France

Functional Analysis Body Psychotherapy

In the Beginning: A New Paradigm Working with Early Disturbance and Trauma

In this five day workshop we will explore the psychosomatic matrix of early disturbance and trauma: how and where they are embodied in the body/mind and how to work safely below disturbance and trauma.

One theme will be the role of connective tissue in the structuring of development and defense. Structure is behavior. Change the structure and self experience and behavior are altered.

A second theme will be using the schizoid process as an example of how connective tissue functioning translates into the creation of somatic and psychic structures and how to work safely with early disturbance and trauma without having to work on them or through them.

There will be theoretical and conceptual presentations, experiential exercises as well as the teaching and practicing of the physical touch technique of Points&Positions used in Functional Analysis.

July 10-14

Mas De La Capelle

Calvisson France

6-10 participants —750€ (Minimum 6 registered by May 29, 2023)

11 — 14 participants - 650€


30€ a night in our residential seminar house. Also available is a flat that sleeps 2 (double bed) and a house that sleeps 5 in the village of Sommieries 12 KMS away. (35per night)

Deposit: 300€

Timing: 10-13:00 and 15-18:00