The Third International FORUM of Functional Analysis Psychosomatic Psychotherapy

The Third International FORUM of Functional Analysis Psychosomatic Psychotherapy

Organized by Functional Analysis Psychosomatic Psychotherapy Australia

The forum is a great opportunity to create a sense of connection and community between people who share the same work and philosophy.

We come together:
• to exchange expertise,
• to discuss new research,
• to develop and advance the Functional Analysis model of Body Psychotherapy.

The Forum gives you the opportunity to:
• Present interesting and emblematic case studies
• Propose inputs from recent research or other therapeutic techniques that we can incorporate
• Present reflections on important themes of our therapeutic practice, especially how to get deeper into Functional Analysis.

Each presentation will run for about 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes for comments , questions and discussion.

You are invited to use what every tools you wish:
• go live,
• use a recorded video,
• a PowerPoint presentation,
whatever works best for you.

Will Davis is going to present: “John, his Diaphragm and his Trauma”, a case study in working below the trauma.

Time: 8.30 - 15.30 (France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Macedonia)
17.30 - 00.30 (Australia)

08.30-10.30 : presentations
10.30-10.45 : interval
10.45-12.30 : presentations
12.30-13-15 : lunch break
13.15-15-00 : presentations
15.00-15.30 : Discussion and conclusions

*To those who wish to do a presentation, please send an email with the title of your presentation to Ermanno at :

*For technical support (live presentation, sharing videos, PowerPoint etc.…) contact Maria at :

*To register for the Forum and receive a Zoom link send an email to Ermanno :