The Importance of Connective Tissue for Body Psychotherapy and Functional Analysis

What is Connective Tissue? It is a living creative tissue

What are the Connective Tissue Functions? It connects, separates and creates. 

Ct forms a network throughout the whole body that functions as an information/communication system outside all nervous pathways. 
It has experiences and subjetivity. Sensation is the different forms of bio-energies passing through the plasma: these include: heat, sound, light, magnetism and electricity.Some of us would also include a non-material form of energy, a life-force. These waves of energy pass through the tissues like wind blowing over a grassy field, giving rise to sensation within the organism. The condition of the conducting medium plasma/GS in particular but also all other forms of CT , determine the quality of the experience. If that flow is distorted the information will be distorted. 

CT receives, transmits, transports and even amplifies energetic impulses instantenously throughout the whole body down to and into the nucleus of every cell. It is non-linear, an un-folding quality in all three dimensions at the same time!

Key words: Life energy and Pulsation, Functional Identity, Connective Tissue, the Matrix – A Network system