Evolution of a Reichian Therapy

Speaking of the therapies that developed in the wake of Reich, his biographer, Myron Sharaf, describes Reich's legacy as a large mansion. Dotted around the landscape are small sheds and cabins -– he was much too gentle a man to call them shacks. Reich's discoveries, developments, theories and techniques are what built that mansion. All that followed are those small outbuildings separate from, yet dependent on that great house.

I do not know where to place my own work in relation to Reich. At best, it’s another shack. But I know that, when I am in my delusional “states of adequacy”, that I would like to think I was allowed to sneak into that great house — back door, service entrance — to do some touching up, slight renovations. Like every old, classic edifice — a national treasure — one doesn't alter the structure during renovations. One only adapts or updates it with significant developments that have emerged since its construction without taking anything away or out of it.

In the evolution of my own therapy method the most important theme has always been to ground my work on the foundations of Reich's mansion. As my style of therapy developed over the years, this has not always been an easy task.