The Role of Connective Tissue in Character Development and Defense

Reich's concept of muscular armour is re-evaluated whereby holdings in the myofascial system are primarily in connective tissue (CT), not the muscles per se. Throughout a brief presentation on CT's structure, characteristics and functioning there are explanations as to why and how this revised version of armour is important to body oriented psychotherapy. Emphasis is placed on CT's protective response to stress and its plastic ability, during certain conditions, to return to the pre-stressed, healthy state. A matrix, that acts as a non-neural, instantaneous communication sys- tem throughout the body, is formed because of the semi-conductive quality of connective tissue. All the bio-energies as well as hormonal secretions travel through this matrix informing and in-structing the organism.

Keywords: connective tissue, character development, armour development, Reich, body ori- ented psychotherapy