Verbal Work

This is a PowerPoint Presentation presented first in the Senigallia Conference in 2016.

Working in France in my practice at our house. I see three different kind of people.

Some people which come in order to learn about functional analysis, some foreigners, because of my trilingual life, and then all sorts of people which are in real trouble and sufferance.
All kinds of different difficulties or pathologies from burn-out to deep depression or panic attacks , anxiety, anorexia, borderline structures. Basically all people which can no longer just be treated by the general practitioner.
Even though I was trained as body psychotherapist and trained in the discipline (I was a former Radix Trainer) the Verbal work was absolutely necessary, because many times in acute situations the jump from an agitated anxiety state and plenty of problems to lying down on the mat seemed often too far.
So I started out doing more verbal work than I first really wanted, but overtime found that it works very well, just as well and sometimes maybe even better,

To me now I see a „verbal body“.

The inward movement on the mat and the inward movement during a talk.

Classic psychotherapy works with the outstroke, encouraging people to express themselves (in order to liberate themselves?), we do the opposite:

Inward movement, people are clear, then they will say it from their own perspective taking responsibility (nonviolent communication).