Functional Analysis: an indepth body psychotherapy

Functional Analysis is a new paradigm in body oriented psychotherapy based on the pioneering work of Wilhel Reich and the evolved history of body Psychotherapy. It is also built on well established foundations of dynamic verbal therapies integrating these two types of interventions into one fluid system.

In a humanistic oriented body psychotherapy such as Functional Analysis the “internal environment” of the patient is what has always been focused on; the patient’s experience of him or herself his „interpretive interoception“. All symptoms, diseases and disorders reveal themselves in the psychosomatic realm.
Body and mind always work together – in both: health and illness.
Through both, touch and words, we contact and explore that profound center within each of us where all our thoughts, feelings, emotions, dreams and movements flow together and from which all our life experiences spring.
In deep centering they merge into a unique state of functioning whereby it is possible to work with both the psyche and soma simultaneously.
Verbally, we guide the cognition towards understanding and reflective consciousness in order to allow a deep experience of one’s self, - the endo self. This clarified self to self relationship will help to build self esteem and confidence. It will allow a change in the dynamic of the process and be a base for building our relationships with others.
Somatically, we do the same. By gentle touch, we mobilize the bio-energetic properties of the connective tissue to bring the patient deep within in order to meet himself, his essence, and then, he can move safely out into the world again.
Functional Analysis is interested in this integrated functioning of the organism, of the body-mind unity.

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The Evolution of a Reichian Therapy, Will Davis, 2018