Touching words: keeping the body in mind

After an initial phase of understanding of the problems and symptoms, we formulate together with the patient a work hypothesis, which then helps to focalize on the deeper process and its integrative dynamic.
The so called objective information comes from the neocortex, which is past-, future and mostly other-oriented. But all subjective information-which is present moment oriented -comes from a deeper spring of consciousness, the brainstem and therefor the body. Functional analysis is a deep understanding and experience of the dynamic of life-force and the integration of defense. Whether by structured verbal exercise or by „free flowing association“, mobilizing the instroke of the pulsation, we learn to listen to ourselves. We work towards acceptance, congruence and consciousness; towards vitality.
Congruence feels good, so let's keep the body in mind!

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Functional Analysis and Verbal work, 2016