The psychosomatic matrix: connective tissue

The Points&Positions Touch Technique in Functional Analysis is specifically designed to take advantage of the plasticity of connective tissue but in a different manner than either the manual, and the movement therapies or traditional Body Psychotherapy.

The relevance of connective tissue’s structures and functions to body oriented psychotherapies is evident. Its role in all metabolic functions, in creating space, shape and contour, its ability to receive, transmit, transport and amplify energies determining the quality of subjective experiences, its role in protecting us physically and psychically by re-enforcing over stressed muscles, and its plasticity all make it indispensable for in-depth body psychotherapy approaches.
We believe that this is why connective tissue is so important: its primal origins, its structure and functioning are what bind body and mind physically and energetically, somatically and psychically. To support a unified body/mind state we have utilized a connective tissue, matrix based, bottom-up model rather than a top-down, central nervous system based, cognitive, understanding of evolution, development and behavior. We use connective tissue in its myriad forms — from liquid to various solid states on to crystals — as the medium, the means whereby, a unified state of body-mind is forged and maintained.

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